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EP. 1 Hope Rescue Podcast Introduction

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

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On today's episode of the Hope Rescue Podcast, Tim and Kimberly introduce themselves to the listeners and explain what the focus of this podcast will be. Tim and Kimberly have been married for thirteen years, and together they have a large blended family of seven children and six grandchildren. Kimberly is 52 years old, and Tim is 66 years old. Almost two years ago, Tim was diagnosed with cancer, but after treatments and surgery, he is now cancer free. Kimberly had a brain tumor removed on her left frontal lobe four months ago. Through their struggles and ups and downs, they have encountered some intense challenges, but along with those challenges, they have grown, persevered and learned so much through experience. They have learned through their successes as well as their failures some insight they would like to pass on to the listeners.

Over the years, Kimberly has counseled women through women's ministry at the church, and Tim has spent 40 years counseling families, couples, and children. They intend to bring all of these experiences and events into this podcast from a biblical perspective because at the end of the day all we have is God's Word. Tim and Kimberly's hope for the listeners is that they realize how important the Bible is to our lives. Having gone through health challenges and significant life transitions, Tim and Kimberly have created Hope Rescue as an opportunity to throw a rope of hope to those who are struggling and hurting.

Kimberly's Story:

Kimberly had been married for thirteen years to a pastor with whom she had five children. After thirteen years, it came to light that her ex-husband had been in relationships outside of their marriage, including relations with the same gender. Kimberly describes the issues in her past marriage as "a ghost without a face" because she knew they were broken, but she couldn't put her finger on what was wrong. When it all came to light, her ex-husband chose to pursue that lifestyle, and Kimberly became a single mother of five children with ages ranging all the way from eleven down to one. Her life turned upside down, and she was forced to confront issues such as betrayal and identity. Today, Kimberly and Tim have a healthy friendship with her ex-husband, and a lot of forgiveness has been exchanged.

Tim's Story:

Tim got married to his first wife very young, and shortly after they had their first child. Right at the beginning of the marriage, Tim knew his wife had an addiction, and Tim quickly learned how addiction impacts a relationship. Tim was married to his first wife for twenty-eight years, and through those years, the addiction seemed to cover everything. Through counseling, Tim learned that he needed to confront the issue and stop enabling it, but when he confronted the problem it was too late. His first wife decided to leave the marriage and file for divorce, and Tim ended up as a divorced pastor. A few years later, Tim's first wife ended up taking her own life, leaving Tim and his two children devastated. When Kimberly and Tim got married, Tim describes it as "an incredible rescue" of his life. He was able to learn what a healthy and loving relationship really looked and felt like, and he is thankful for the life he is living today.

Together Kimberly and Tim have had first-hand experience with sexual infidelity, suicide, drugs, rebellious children and addictions, and God has given them a heart to deal with these issues. In this podcast, they want to address these issues and many more by consulting scripture and letting the Word of God speak for itself. Though Tim and Kimberly are not licensed counselors, they have gathered years of experience and wish to share some of the truth that has kept them feeling grounded and solid in their faith. Tim and Kimberly both feel that they have been rescued over and over again, and their intention for Hope Rescue is to skillfully reach into the hearts of messy people and love them so well that they believe that they can not only be rescued but also that they can be changed.


"One of the reasons we have a heart for people with messy lives is because in our own lives we have experienced failure and brokenness." -Tim

"God reminded me that my unique calling would never be attached to another person, it was for me alone. Regardless of what circumstances come or go, our calling remains on our lives." -Kimberly

"There is no relationship that is unable to experience rescue or redemption." -Kimberly

"When you lean into truth, and you do it lovingly, it has an incredible impact, but you need to do it when someone is capable of hearing it." -Tim

"With truth, God can help us not just to survive our circumstances but thrive through them." -Kimberly

"We believe that when you bring hope, you change lives." -Tim

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