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EP. 187 Six Telltale Signs of a Cult Leader

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  1. The leader demands complete and absolute authority, displaying narcissistic tendencies driven by a desire to control others.

  2. The leader uses manipulative tactics, such as "love bombing" mixed with shame, to coerce and influence followers.

  3. The leader creates their own set of rules, but feels exempt from abiding by them, as they consider themselves above the law.

  4. Sexual perversion is often a common trait among cult leaders, which they use to exploit and abuse followers.

  5. The leader controls the romantic relationships within the community, often forbidding members from being romantically involved with anyone outside the group.

  6. The leader enjoys complete freedom from accountability, while imposing strict accountability measures on everyone else in the group.

La Luz del Mundo is a cult founded in 1926 in Mexico by Eusebio Joaquín González, also known as "Aarón Joaquín González" or "Aarón the Apostle." González claimed to have received a divine revelation from God, calling him to establish a new religious movement that would emphasize personal holiness, evangelism, and the teachings of the Bible.

In 2019, the leader of La Luz del Mundo, Naason Joaquin Garcia, was arrested in the United States on charges of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors. The arrest led to a high-profile trial, with prosecutors alleging that Garcia and other church officials had coerced and threatened underage girls into performing sexual acts with him. The trial also revealed that the church had a culture of secrecy and strict control over its members, with Garcia holding immense power and authority over followers.

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