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EP. 177 Five Things I Would Never Do as a Spiritual Leader

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Welcome to a new week of the Hope Rescue Podcast. We are continuing our series on “5 things I would never do.” Over the past two weeks, Tim and Kimberly shared the top 5 things they would never do as a mother and as a father, and this week they are sharing the top 5 things they would never do as a spiritual leader.

Who is a spiritual leader? Well almost all adult Christians fall under this category. Bible study leaders influence their small groups. Parents influence their children. Volunteers within the church influence those they are serving. Who are you influencing?

5 Things We Would Never Do as a Spiritual Leader

  1. Violate a confidence - There is a difference between confidentiality and secrecy. But if someone tells us something personal in confidence and in trust, we should keep it to ourselves.

  2. Be an unsafe listener - Intimacy in relationships is developed in the context of safety. If people don’t feel safe when talking with us, they won’t feel safe sharing their failures and struggles. This is especially important when talking with our children. They need to know that they are safe to share whatever is going on in their lives without receiving an overreaction.

  3. Compare my life to other leaders or compete with other leaders - If you want to ruin something good, compare it to other people. Don’t compare where you are to where others are. We are all living different lives and have different roadblocks and successes.

  4. Shame people that I lead - Shame brings death to relationships. If you want to ruin your relationships with friends and family, shame them. If you want to build up your relationships with others, encourage them.

  5. Pretend to be more spiritual than I am - This doesn’t mean you need to go shout your sins to the world, but be honest with yourself about your personal struggles. Be authentic and real, and allow others to be authentic and real with you.

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