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EP. 176 Five Things I Would Never Do as a Father

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Welcome to a new week on the Hope Rescue Podcast. This week we are continuing our series on the top things Tim and Kimberly would never do as parents. Last week Kimberly shared the top five things she would never do as a mother, and this week Tim will be sharing the top five things he would never do as a father.

5 Things Tim Would Never Do as a Father

  1. Withhold encouragement - As a parent, it’s essential that we are encouragers to our children. Don’t just blow smoke at your children or lie to them, but find ways to continually encourage them throughout their lives.

  2. Put my kids and family second - One of the biggest challenges especially for fathers is putting their family before their careers. Often, men get purpose from their careers and that isn’t a bad thing, but it can cause them to forsake their families or leave them in the dust for their jobs. Tim emphasizes the importance of being home with our families as much as possible, and having a combination of quality and quantity time together.

  3. Compare them to siblings, friends, or even your past self - Each child is unique. Our children are not younger versions of us; they have been uniquely woven by our Creator. We can’t expect them to behave or make the exact choices we would make or made when we were younger. Allow your child to be who God designed them to be, and don’t try to fit them into a mold.

  4. Make my children fear me - We need to create bridges of intimacy with our children. When we get down on their level and connect with them, instead of feeling fear they feel connection.

  5. Enable my children to be irresponsible - Tim says that one of his primary goals as a father is to raise his children to become responsible adults. The best way to instill responsibility into our children is to live it out in our own lives.

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