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EP. 175 Five Things I Would Never Do as a Mom

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Welcome to a new week on the Hope Rescue Podcast. This week we are starting a new series on the top things Tim and Kimberly would never do as parents. This week Kimberly is sharing the top five things she would never do as a mother, and next week Tim will be sharing the top five things he would never do as a father.

The following is Kimberly’s list of five things she would never do as a mom:

  1. Expect her kids to choose her dreams for their future. Don’t speak your dreams into your children's futures. Just because your husband came from a long line of pastors doesn’t mean your child is destined to become a pastor. Try to recognize your child’s unique giftings. Allow them to discover their own giftings through trial and error.

  2. Over-schedule her children’s calendar to keep them busy. Are you rushing your children to sporting events to uphold your own reputation or because they actually are interested in the sport? Don’t feel like your child needs to have a packed schedule just because your friends’ kids have packed schedules.

  3. Publicly shame or discipline her children. We cannot match the level of passion or anger of our children when they are having melt-down moments. If your child is having a stop-drop-and-roll moment in a public setting, have enough respect for your child to not also become a child in that moment. Remove your child from the setting to calm him or her down, and discipline appropriately.

  4. Overly emphasize outward appearance or the world's version of what beauty and intelligence looks like. Instead, focus on your children’s character, values, integrity, hard-work, kindness, etc. Try to see your children the way God sees them instead of how the world sees them. Proverbs 31:30 says, "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

  5. Allow her children to believe that her love is conditional. Allow your love for your children to be unconditional and use Jesus as your model because He never gives up and He never stops pursuing.

Tune in next week to discover five things Tim would never do as a father.

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