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EP. 171 Three Signs You May Be an Introvert

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Welcome to a new week and a new series on the Hope Rescue Podcast. This week, we are starting a new short series on the topic of personality traits. Over the next few weeks, Tim and Kimberly will be sharing the difference between introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. This week, the focus is on introverts.

What is the difference between introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts?

If you are energized and refueled by being alone, you are likely an introvert.

If you are energized and refueled by social connections, you are likely an extrovert.

If you are energized by purpose, whether alone or with others, you are likely an ambivert.

Tim and Kimberly kick off the podcast by emphasizing that there is no wrong personality. Each personality has strengths and weaknesses, and it’s not wrong to be an introvert or an extrovert. We are simply wired the way God made us, and we shouldn’t feel shame about our personalities.

Today we are focusing on the personality trait of being an introvert. Tim explains that commonly, introverts don’t feel incredibly comfortable or connected in large Sunday worship services and that’s okay. It’s important as Christians to have connection with other believers, but it can come from meeting with a friend or two during the week and connecting. It’s still important to attend church, but it’s okay if that is not where a person feels incredibly comfortable. Having a strong community doesn’t mean you have to be in a crowded room. You can have community with a small, tight-knit group of people as well.

Things to Know about Introverts:

Introverts don’t like to be excluded. Just because they may come off as quiet, doesn’t mean they don’t want an invitation to get-togethers. They may not be the life of the party, but they will likely make connections with a few people when they show up.

They want to have community, but it takes more energy for them to connect than it does for extroverts. Don’t be offended when they need to step away from the group to recharge.

Introverts know how to socialize. They are not socially incompetent, they are simply energized by alone time.

Use your introversion to benefit the kingdom of God. Don’t shy away of who He has created you to be, and don’t waste your time wishing you had a different personality. God created you to be you, and He will use you in different ways than He will use your neighbor.

Join us next week as we cover the topic of being an extrovert.

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