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EP. 128 The #1 Cure for Laziness

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This week we are continuing our conversation on how fear impacts our lives. Last week we discussed how fear affects our lives socially and how we can be afraid of success. This week we finish our discussion on the fear of success, and we add how fear impacts our relationship and parenting. Keep reading to learn more.

Many will equate laziness to a lack of self-discipline, but that is not always the case. Tim explains that laziness is more about a lack of motivation than a lack of self-discipline. We live in an unmotivated culture. We constantly have access to passive entertainment at our fingertips, and we can waste our days away scrolling through nonsensical videos. We can binge an entire TV series without having to wait a week between each episode. Hours can pass by as we play video games and disappear into an alternate reality. The options are endless. People thrive when they are motivated and feel like they have a purpose. If someone is just drifting through life aimlessly with no direction or motivation, they will likely appear to be lazy because nothing is driving them to be productive. Motivation is the biggest driver for productivity.

Another way fear impacts our lives is in our relationships. We can feel a fear of rejection, a fear of intimacy, or a fear of betrayal. All of these fears impact our relationships with our spouses, friends, and family members. Kimberly explains that at the beginning of her and Tim’s relationship, they each projected different fears onto the other person because of their previous relationships. Kimberly explains that when we have unhealed, broken pieces from our past, we begin to self-sabotage out of fear that the past will repeat itself. After years of processing through those emotions and building trust with one another, they were both able to move past the fear and fully embrace each other emotionally and physically.

The last way that fear impacts our lives is through our parenting. Kimberly explains that fear in parenting prevents us from disciplining our children for their benefit. Sometimes we are so afraid of how our children will make us appear to society that we fail to discipline them in a healthy manner. We act out of fear instead of love and care. When we try to make ourselves look good through our children, we begin to lose perspective on discipline which can put unnecessary pressure on them. Kimberly explains that trusting the Lord with our children is a muscle we have to continually flex, and it will become easier to trust God with the outcome of our children.


"When we have unhealed, broken pieces from our past, we often self-sabotage out of fear that the past will repeat itself."-Kimberly

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