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EP. 193 The Heart of Giving: Discovering the Deep-rooted Reasons We Give

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Generosity encompasses more than meets the eye. It is a divine calling, a responsibility bestowed upon us by God Himself. As Christians, we are reminded that we are our brother's keeper, and with this awareness comes the duty to care for one another. Love, in its truest form, is demonstrated through acts of giving. Just as "God so loved the world that He GAVE," we too can express our love by giving generously.

While financial contributions are often associated with giving, true generosity extends far beyond monetary means. We can give our time, lending a helping hand, offering a shoulder to cry on, or imparting thoughtful wisdom. A listening ear can be one of the most precious gifts we bestow upon another person.

Let us delve into some overlooked aspects of generosity:

  1. Strategic Giving: When we give, it is essential to be strategic in our approach. It is not merely about fulfilling a need but about connecting with the heart of the recipient. By understanding their desires, struggles, and aspirations, we can tailor our giving to make a more meaningful impact.

  2. Receiving Well: Receiving graciously is equally important as giving. When we reject the generosity of others, we inadvertently rob them of the joy that comes from giving. Embracing the blessings allows us to reciprocate the love and kindness shared with us.

  3. Cultivating Gratitude: Gratitude acts as a catalyst, fueling our generosity. The depth of our gratitude directly influences the extent of our giving. Recognizing the blessings we have received ignites a desire to share those blessings with others, thereby amplifying the impact of our generosity.

Now, let us explore the concept of utilitarian generosity—an approach focused on the outcome of our giving rather than the act itself. While it may seem logical to give with specific expectations in mind, true generosity transcends utilitarian thinking. It is not solely about meeting a need; it is a way to worship and glorify God.

Reflecting upon Matthew 26:6, we encounter a powerful lesson. The disciples' mindset was rooted in utilitarianism, which Jesus corrected. Our generosity should surpass such narrow perspectives. Instead of fixating on where our contributions go, we should place our trust in God and seek to bring Him glory through our giving.

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