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EP. 170 Three Ways to Create a Balanced Home Life

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Imagine that your life is like a wheel with eight spokes. A wheel will keep moving if one of your spokes is broken, but if multiple spokes are not balanced, your wheel will collapse. In a balanced life, each spoke supports one another. They work together to create a balanced life. In this series, Tim and Kimberly are covering the eight categories they recommend balancing in our lives: our minds, our emotions, our spirits, our bodies, our social lives, our finances, our unique purposes, and our homes.

Welcome back to our series on living a balanced life. Last week, Tim and Kimberly shared the seventh area in our lives to find balance: our purpose. This week they are continuing the conversation by discussing how to find balance in our homes.

3 Way to Balance Your Home

  1. Do the stuff. The stuff is made up of the mundane details of life. For our lives and homes to run smoothly, we have to do the stuff like pay the bills, wash the dishes, do the laundry, run errands, etc. Stay motivated for the sake of your family, and do “the stuff” with a thankful heart. As you wash the dishes, thank the Lord for dishes to wash. As you get the kids to school, thank the Lord for your children. As you pay the bills, thank the Lord for providing your job.

  2. Eliminate the distractions. Anything that prevents you from being present when you’re home and around your family is a distraction. Some distractions are necessary, and if they’re necessary, it falls under the “stuff category” we discussed before. But so many distractions are trying to pull us in every direction except for our families, and we have to remove or turn down those distractions in order to prioritize our homes and families. Either you will determine your schedule, or someone else will. To protect your home balance, you have to be intentional about what you say yes to and what you spend your time doing. TV and social media are both huge suckers of valuable time we could be spending with our families. If we allow our free time to be taken over by passive forms of entertainment, we will miss out on potential moments of connection with our family members.

  3. Focus on the essentials. Say no to the distractions so you can say yes to the essentials. Sit down with your spouse and write out your priorities. Involve your children and ask what they see as priorities in your family life. Put God first and focus on personal development so you can give your best to your families. Have a heart for your spouse and remember why you fell in love. Listen to your spouse. Have a heart for your children and aim to connect with them on their level. These are the essentials.

Join us next week as we begin a new short series. We love you guys!

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