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EP. 138 How to Fearlessly Speak Up & Make Your Voice Heard

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Welcome to a new episode of the Hope Rescue Podcast. This week we are continuing our conversation on how to recapture your voice. We have a very special guest on the show this week, Tim and Kimberly’s daughter, Gracie. Gracie and Kimberly discuss how Gracie lost her voice as the youngest child in a large family, and how she learned to regain her voice at a young age. Check it out to hear more!

Gracie is currently 20 years old, and works behind the scenes on the Hope Rescue Podcast. Out of 7 children in her blended family, she is the youngest, being four years younger than the next oldest sibling. The age gap and family dynamic caused Gracie to feel unheard at a young age. She felt like she had to shout to be heard, and even then, she was often tuned out. Kimberly tells a story of Gracie muting the TV when she was young during commercials so she could gain the attention of her parents and perform a song.

Gracie explains that as she got older and entered junior high, she felt herself pull back internally because she began to feel like what she had to say didn’t have any value. Gracie says that she realized if she didn’t believe what she had to say was worthy of being heard, then why would she expect others to believe it? She realized she had to start believing that her voice was worthy of being heard.

Gracie shares that she started speaking up when she entered high school. She came to a breaking point where she realized she had been holding back her thoughts and opinions for so long in order to prevent any conflicts from arising. But as she started to speak up, at home and at school, she began to recapture her voice that she had been suppressing for years.

Kimberly and Gracie wrap up the podcast by challenging the listeners to ask themselves 8 questions to determine if they have lost their voice:

  1. Do you often feel frustrated about not being heard?

  2. Are you afraid to share how you feel?

  3. Have you set aside your dreams, passions, or goals to avoid conflict?

  4. Do you rationalize bad behavior?

  5. Do you spend more time thinking about your partner's happiness than your own?

  6. Do you feel like your opinion is ignored or disregarded?

  7. Do you feel like you are last on the list of needs of your partner?

  8. Are you willing to compromise your values for your relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may have lost your voice in your relationship. Tune in to our next episode as we wrap up our three-part series on recapturing your voice.


“I realized that I needed to believe in my heart that my voice was worthy of being heard. That what I had to say actually mattered.” -Gracie

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