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EP. 12 Talk from Timberlake Church: God's Heart for the Wounded

To view the video on YouTube:


On today's episode of the Hope Rescue Podcast, Tim and Kimberly share a recent talk they did at Timberlake Church in Redmond, Washington. At Timberlake, Tim shares with the congregation how God loves messy, broken, and wounded people. If you have been listening to the podcast since Episode 2, some of the message may sound familiar to you. We hope you enjoy!

Join us next week to hear the discussion about "What Kind of Influencer are You?" We love you guys!


“Adam and Eve were hiding because they didn't understand the heart of the One who was pursuing them.” -Tim

“If the heart of the seeker is to expose and destroy, you're going to feel caught., If the heart of the seeker is to love and to heal, you have been found.” -Tim

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